'LOVE' - Limited Edition Rajan Seth x Lily & Sea Collaboration


One of three pieces in the limited edition Rajan Seth x Lily & Sea 'Shoreline' Collection, 'Love' is a stunning piece of art crafted from ethically sourced seashells, sea pottery, sea glass, and marine plastic, all carefully handpicked by Nikki from the picturesque shores of Cornwall. The artwork is meticulously finished with Rajan’s unique touch, using plaster and 22 carat gold leaf detailing. Truly one of a kind.

The artwork is set on 1m x 1m canvas and comes framed in sumptuous, bronze solid wood.

DISCLAIMER: As these artworks are listed both here and on Rajan's website, if you make a purchase, it will then need to be confirmed that the artwork has not already sold elsewhere. If this is the case, your payment will be refunded in full.

Please allow 7-10 working days for your artwork to be dispatched.