Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order from you?

For full details, please check out the “How it Works” page. I offer readymade and custom options so please make sure you read the information to find out what’s right for you!

Once I've placed my order, how long should I expect it to take to arrive?

If you have purchased a readymade piece, I will dispatch your order within 7 days of your order. If you have purchased a custom order slot, I aim to complete and dispatch all orders by the end of the calendar month. I only post by tracked service, though the delivery time will vary depending on where you live and the size of the order. Please be patient with me - I am a one man band with a toddler and a baby on the way!

How much is shipping?  

The cost will vary depending on your location, the size and value of the piece. Shipping is calculated at checkout. For your benefit and mine, I only offer tracked services which fully cover the value of the piece you are buying.

Do you ship internationally?  

Yes! Just select your shipping country at the checkout and the cost for shipping will be calculated for you. If your country is not available to choose, unfortunately I am unable to ship to your area. Please note that as the buyer, you are responsible for any customs or import charges.

Where do you get your shells from?

I collect the majority of the shells I use myself and now have a relationship with a local restaurant, who allow me to utilise waste Cornish mussel shells from their customers. The rest are collected with help from family and friends, are kindly sent from other Cornwall-based makers, or are the customer’s own shells for use in a bespoke piece. Unless otherwise stated, all of the shells in my artwork are from Cornish beaches. I have family in Devon, so occasionally I’m lucky enough to beachcomb there too! If I use any Devonian shells in a piece, this will always be stated.  

Can I send you my own shells to make something with?  

Absolutely! I love working with customers’ own shells and I’m so proud of the pieces I’ve made in the past – it’s an honour to create artwork that will hold a special memory for someone. I am happy to discuss your preferences with you with regards to composition and design, though the number of shells I have to work with will likely determine the size of the piece. If you’d like to get in touch to enquire about a piece of artwork with your own special shells, please pop an enquiry through on the contact form!

What are your frames made from?  

I have a great frame supplier who uses sustainably sourced materials wherever possible. The frames I purchase are made to order in the UK, using solid wood and a glass front.  

How do you ensure your shells are collected ethically?

I always check nobody's home. If they are, no matter how beautiful the shell, they are left on the beach in the same place I found them. I take only what I actually need. I could walk past 300 yellow periwinkles but if I know I have a good stock already, I will not take them. I take broken shells where possible - especially for gastropod species (the twirly ones!), as hermit crabs and other marine animals can re-use the shells. I collect from the top tideline where possible - these shells are much less likely to find their way back to sea than those on the lower tideline - thanks to Shannon at Sea Salt & Surf for this tip! The majority of shells I use are mussels and I now have a relationship with a local restaurant who serves Cornish mussels - I am utilising their wasted mussel shells in my artwork, alongside the handpicked shells ethically collected from the beach. 

Are you an eco-friendly business?  

I try to be as eco-conscious as possible, from the collecting of the shells, to sourcing my frames, down to the packaging materials I use. The majority of shells I use are mussels and I now have a relationship with a local restaurant who serves Cornish mussels - I am utilising their wasted mussel shells in my artwork, alongside the handpicked shells ethically collected from the beach. 

My frames are sourced from a supplier who uses sustainable materials where possible. I use an eco-friendly glass cleaner and reusable cloths to clean the glass. Your artwork is wrapped in recycled tissue paper, secured with washi tape and a biodegradable Lily & Sea sticker made with 100% recycled materials and vegetable ink. Any green bubble wrap is oxodegradable; any other plastic packaging used to keep your artwork safe in transit is re-used – please re-use it too, if you can. The Lily & Sea thank you cards are printed by a Cornish, award-winning, environmentally friendly factory, on recycled or FSC certified paper, using vegetable ink. The postal box is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable. The paper tape is also recyclable, vegan friendly and made with a natural, rubber-based adhesive.

Do you accept returns?  

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your Lily & Sea piece for any reason, please contact me at within 14 days of receiving your artwork. I will accept returns but please note that the cost of postage to return the item must be covered by the customer. Unfortunately, returns are not possible on artwork that has been personalised.